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Hi, I’m Alexandra Jakubowska. I am a wedding photographer from Hamilton. I make professional photo sessions

Home office 2021 – small office table

Many people were forced to switch to a home office working environment due to the pandemic

Flyttevask Mesteren

Flytvask Mesteren is a Norwegian company that provides cleaning and removal services. It is a new

How to choose a kitchen layout?

There are many different ways you can arrange your kitchen layout and maximise its’ functionality. If

Dick Whittington Design & Build

Dick Whittington Design & Build is a company with 30 years of experience. It’s a family

Offshore rope access – the only way to keep oil platforms in a good condition

Space on an oil platform is already as limited as possible, taken up by machinery and

Infitec, 3D glasses and 6P – The Future of cinema

Specialists in the industry say that 6P might become the thing that will be the standard


Com-sat is a local company from Northamptonshire offering high-quality satellite TV services. 

Software development outsourcing – a way to lower your costs

Outsourcing is considered one of the easiest ways to cut software development costs by many software

ISO management system – an easy way to use

Running a successful company requires a lot of hard work, determination and proper quality management. Regardless