Draining catastrophe and how to prevent them

Draining problem might happened to anyone, at any house and time. You have to be especially careful when you are living in an old housing. What does it mean ‘to be careful’? Well, it is commonly known that it is always better to prevent rather than repair, but what actions can be undertaken to counter-act draining catastrophe

CCTV camera inspections

According to more than 65% drain damages were easily preventable, if detected ahead of time. The costs of repairs after the harm is done are incomparable. With CCTV camera inspection it is really easy to detect a small flaw that can be fixed with no problem and at a low expense. The scale of the potential issue is often much serious than you might think it would be. For example, when you are outside the house and there is no one to turn of the water aperture, in case of some leakage your whole place can be ruined within 15 minutes! The most vulnerable is the floor – especially if it is made from real wood.

cctv camera

What exactly am I supposed to do?

First of all, the most common problems happen within old duct constructions. It doesn’t necessarily mean that fresh buildings are 100% safe, because if they are directly connected to the old pipe system, within first few years the issues may occur. The purpose of this article is not to scare you and make paranoid about your very own home. We just want to share with you the idea that it might be worth it every 2-3 years to call the specialist and make sure that everything is all right. Just to square your conscious.