How to Supplement Protein?

Sport means health – it cannot be denied. Virtually any physical activity is beneficial for the human body. There is, however, a catch. To enjoy the benefits of sport, you must not forget about a proper diet and supplementation.

In addition to providing our body with water and carbohydrates, it is very important to consume protein. For some, protein is associated with the factor not only of muscle mass gain but also of body mass in general, so they do not want to use it, exposing themselves to certain inconveniences or even injuries during training. So it’s worth taking a look at how many benefits protein can provide.

What is Protein?

Protein is a valuable building material for nervous and glandular tissue; it is part of body fluids such as blood, enzymes and hormones. It is one of the basic elements of the diet and as a transport and energy component, it has a very positive effect on the body.

Types of Protein Supplementation

It very often happens that the amount of protein in the human body is very limited, so its deficiency must be supplemented with nutrients. Nowadays, supplements, especially protein supplements, are so widely available that it is not known which type will be the best, and you can choose from:

  • Whey proteins are formed by separating the whey protein from milk. They are divided into the so-called isolates, concentrates and hydrolysates that differ in the level of protein content or contact and its digestibility;
  • Micellar caseins, i.e. proteins that are absorbed very slowly and most often used as a substitute for night meals for people actively practising sports;
  • Vegetable proteins (because proteins do not have to come only from milk). This is a good option especially for people who are lactose intolerant and want to supplement and incorporate proteins into their diet.

Who are protein supplements targeted for?

Protein supplements are intended mainly for athletes who consume them before or after training, thanks to which they have more energy to exercise and additionally support muscle mass. Many people often wonder if protein absorption is better for toning muscles or for weight reduction. However, it doesn’t really matter. In the case of muscle production, protein is the building block that helps build muscle properly. However, in the case of reduction, it is a hunger regulator and prevents excessive loss of muscle tissue.

Why is it worth using protein supplements? The main advantages have already been mentioned above, but it is worth recalling them briefly. Proteins allow you to:

  • prevent muscle atrophy,
  • increase metabolism and stimulate the body’s energy,
  • accelerate the fat burning process.

An additional advantage is that proteins allow the body to provide what it needs at a given moment because it is said that you do not need to use supplements, because proteins are available in natural products, e.g. in meat. However, if we eat foods rich in this ingredient, we also supply other ingredients, such as fats, which can sometimes do more harm than help. What is more, if one trains excessively, food as a source of protein might not be enough – the amount of protein is simply too small.

How to consume protein and how much should you provide?

Based on the above information, it can be assumed that the reluctance to use protein supplements is unfounded. However, there is an explanation for this, because people who are negative about protein most often ingest it incorrectly.

If we take protein supplements, it is most sensible to mix one serving (usually 30 g) with 200 ml of liquid (water, milk). Then you can be sure that approx. 1 g of proteins per 10 kg of body weight is absorbed daily. This proportionality is appropriate for the human body to heal any injuries and begin building new muscle tissue during training.

Very often, we simply cannot absorb the right amount of nutrients, and the usual protein supplements or protein in the form of powder or pills allows us to quickly make up for their deficiency. As can be seen, protein supplementation in the diet is beneficial for everyone. It can be said that it is the basic building block of a perfect figure, so it is worth finding out for yourself how much good it can do and how quickly the results of taking it will appear.