Infitec, 3D glasses and 6P – The Future of cinema

Specialists in the industry say that 6P might become the thing that will be the standard of future cinemas. Although the concept might sound fairly new and unknown to the average user, Infitec has been using it for over a decade now.

3D movies have been reaching a blockbuster status for quite some time now and people don’t seem to be losing interest and that’s the main reason why companies must put their best foot forward and keep up with the newest technological advancements. What exactly is 6P and how did it help Infitec and their 3D glasses to stay in the game?

“6P” – primary colours in all their glory

If you ever paid attention to science classes at school or know the basic concept of a colour wheel, you know that there are three primary colours which, properly mixed, give out every other colour you can see. Human eyes are equipped with receptors responsible for perception of blue, red and green. So, naturally, projectors and TV screens should be using those to create images.

The “6P” generally stands for “six primaries”, and in technical terms it refers to using six different wavelengths, two for each primary colour. It was first put on the market by Infitec, a company that now is big in the 3D market and is said to be an important one for the future of cinemas.

Infitec 3D technology

Infitec has been using lasers that are able to operate in 6 different wavelengths for over 10 years now. The projectors that are compatible with the technology are, first of all, far more durable than traditional lamp projectors, which added to the better image quality and colour depth equals great 3D watching experience.

What’s important here is that lasers are able to produce exactly one wavelength and stick to it – they don’t need to switch or adjust, which in turn means more brightness and depth than ever before. Does the 6P technology require any special 3D glasses? While it should work with traditional 3D glasses, Infitec has some specially designed in store, providing the best display quality and durability.

With 6P in store, manufacturers for both commercial projectors and home TV screens using 3D can be sure that quality, brightness and colour gamut they offer is up to the highest standard and it won’t disappoint their clients.