Offshore rope access – the only way to keep oil platforms in a good condition

Space on an oil platform is already as limited as possible, taken up by machinery and steel structures that make oil drilling possible. When anything breaks, gets damage or simply needs a regular inspection and maintenance, getting to machinery can be difficult. Here’s where offshore rope access comes in handy – a skill that is not a standard for many steel maintenance companies and can be performed only by experienced professionals. How does it actually work and why offshore rope access is the only way to keep oil platforms in good condition?
offshore rope access

What offshore rope access actually is?

Rope access, as opposed to standard, requires skill, preparation and, most of all, specialist equipment that allows technicians to perform maintenance work while suspended in air. It’s often used to clean windows in high buildings, fix hard-to-access constructions and most importantly, work on oil platforms that being offshore can’t get access to standard equipment.

Companies like Daas provide services of anti-corrosion protection and fire-retardant steel constructions, working with highly trained and skilled rope technicians that could easily compete with their skills with worlds best rock climbers. It’s one thing to be able to get to the damage site, but it’s completely different and much more difficult to be able to actually fix it while being suspended mid-air with all the equipment necessary to work on steel constructions.

Offshore rope access keeps oil platforms in good condition

Constant contact with water, wind, salty humid air and changing weather conditions makes it difficult for any construction to survive without damage for a long time. Oil platforms are built to be ready for such conditions, but it should go without saying that even the best protective layers that can be put on the steel used there won’t be enough to last a lifetime. Offshore rope access provided by specialists that can properly repair and preserve metal constructions is crucial to keeping the constructions safe and working for many years to come.

As oil becomes one of the biggest sources of energy for the whole planet, making sure it is being acquired with proper care. Fully functioning machinery will play a big part in oil mining safety and as such, the need for technicians able to perform repairs offshore with rope access will be rising. It’s worth noting that tougher working conditions don’t mean anything – all the tasks should be performed with safety, cleanliness and regard to all the highest world standards.