SEO of the future – upcoming trends for 2017

When it comes to SEO, there’s a one major rule: it’s necessary to be updated. As trends and rules are changing all the time, whatever worked yesterday may no longer work tomorrow. That’s why it’s so important to predict the future and get adjusted to the newest situation with your campaigns. Let’s take a glimpse over upcoming trends for 2017!

Long phrases

It’s getting more and more popular among search engine users not to search for single words, but for longer phrases. According to this, if the way of expressing intentions became different, SEO actions should get adjusted to the new situation. Picking keywords must always be based on the research suggesting the most suitable solutions – don’t skip this part, as it will help you reach the best results.

Rich answers

Agency LTB told us:

When we’re asking Google for a phrase, we can already expect much more than just a simple answer provided with links and articles. Now search results are enriched with videos, photos, ratings and additional advice like particular dates, numbers and steps. As there appear more and more rich answers, for sure we can expect the continuity of this trend. Wherefore, it may be important to adjust your data markup to increase chances of your content to appear as a part of rich answer.


Cross-Channel marketing

This unique tool is not only a way to present your brand through different channels – it’s also about using various tools to make your brand more integrated.

For example, if there appear customers who are browsing your products on the online store, but still hesitate to buy, you can reach them later by using social media or email. Cross-channel marketing allows to slightly move between available channels and make browsing your website and purchasing products easier and more efficient – LTB added.

Mobile devices

Smartphones and tablets are getting more and more popular and they generate bigger and bigger traffic, and for sure it won’t change in 2017. Having a responsive version of the website is a must, and month by month there appear plenty of new solutions improving SEO and navigation. Using mobile devices is a strong trend, so it’s important to adjust SEO actions to fully explore its huge potential.

Are you ready to reach the newest trends of SEO? Don’t let the newest technology surprise you – adjust your strategy now and make your SEO campaign truly profitable!


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