Tips for those who seek medical jobs abroad

Looking for a medical job abroad has been a trend in Poland and eastern European countries for quite some time now. Their destinations vary depending on the specialisation, experience and general knowledge as well as the offers they are able to get in other parts of the world.

Countries like Sweden, Demark, Norway, England and Germany have been very kind to the foreign doctors, offering them not only salaries better than in their home countries, but also work conditions incomparable to anything they knew back home – says

What are the chances to get a medical job offer abroad and how to make it from the interview stage to the actual working stage? What should you know before you decide to move?


What job offers are there and where to look for them?

Any medical professional is a highly valuable person – both in Europe and outside. Many people leave their home countries to work as nurses and doctors in Scandinavia, England, Germany and Spain, but there is a lot more the world has to offer. One of the most popular vacancies, although it’s hard to get it, are internships in the US. The job is worth a try though, as with American hospitals in your curriculum vitae, getting any medical job in the world will be that much easier.


Your knowledge and education is your best feature

Experience is key in many places. However, when it comes to medical professions, education and actual knowledge is equally as important. It all comes down to the fact that healthcare systems vary from country to country and the standards of treating patients can be very different to the one known to you from your university stage.

This is why you must be prepared to learn even more and be quick to adjust to new circumstances. Either you are a nurse, a resident finishing a specialisation or a specialist with 20 years of experience, you may not be treated as an equal until you prove your abilities to your supervisors. That’s why it’s so important to check with your local employment agency for job offers suitable to your abilities.

Don’t worry – once you prove you are worthy, your payments and respect from the society will be a solid repayment for all the hardships. After all, most doctors move and look for a job abroad solely for salary reasons.

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