Home office 2021 – small office table

Many people were forced to switch to a home office working environment due to the pandemic and for a lot of them, arranging a proper desk setup turned out to be quite the challenge. As most of us seen the situation as temporary, we often turned to our dining tables or coffee tables as “will do” solutions, but as the time went by, it got worse. If you are to work with your computer for multiple hours a day, a proper desk and ergonomic chair combo is necessary. But how do you choose the perfect office table for your home office in 2021? 

Small but comfortable

The first thing you need to look at when choosing a home office desk or table is its size. People often don’t have a lot of room to work with, so being able to find a compact desk is a must. A 110 cm width seems to be the ideal option that provides enough space to work at and workaround. A small, modern office table can be used as a desk during working hours, but be easily converted for another purpose once the need for a home office comes to an end. Without the need to rearrange the entire house just to fit a home office space, you might actually be motivated to work from the comfort of a desk and chair, not from the couch

The size of the home office table should also reflect your style of work. Some people need only their laptop, so a small table will be enough. Others might need a little bit more space for paperwork and additional cabinets for documents and stationery. Always try to think ahead and accommodate the home office space for your needs – if a small, modern table with drawers is enough, go ahead and match it to other furniture at your house creating the perfect working/lounging space. 

white office table desk

White desk Zefir ffrom Unique via ThomasMoebel.eu

An office table for remote working

Having to work from home is a challenge, but you might find it quite comfortable to be able to do your job without leaving the house. One of the biggest problems for many people is that when they switch to working from home, they feel like they can never leave their work and just relax. Also, they can’t focus on the work either, seeing all the chores that are left to do around the house.

By creating the best conditions possible and buying a dedicated office table you are less inclined to work on any surface possible, which in turn means you don’t feel like you are at work all day long. Designate a workspace within your home, set up your laptop, pair it up with an ergonomic office chair and do your work just there. With such an arrangement, your work will still be limited to the office and the rest of the house will be a work-free zone. 

How to choose an office table? 2021 trends

Office furniture designed to fit a modern house has to be both functional and stylish. People are less likely to choose a big, black gaming desk with LED panels when they’re looking for a small office table that fits the aesthetic of their living room or bedroom. Looking through current interior design trends, one of the most popular options out there are white desks and tables with metal or wooden accents in form of drawers or legs of the table. Pieces like that are easy to pair with a simple office chair and most of the furniture you already have in your house and with their smaller size (around 110 cm width), they can fit anywhere. There’s no excuse not to get one and still be working at your coffee table and couch after over a year of the obligatory home office.