Original decorations made of reindeer moss

At a time when extraordinary solutions are more and more expensive, we are very eager to reach for living decorations, such as reindeer moss. How can you use it on your four walls? Why is it worth choosing?

Reindeer moss – what is worth knowing about it?

It is a moss that occurs naturally in Poland, as well as in North and South America. However, it is most common in Scandinavian countries. In nature, it takes a variety of colours – it can be not only green but also grey, white, beige and even yellow. One of the biggest curiosities about the moss is that it absorbs moisture mainly from the air – it can therefore be successfully used as an indicator of air humidity in the room.

How to impregnate the moss before use?

In order for the reindeer moss to successfully decorate your wall, it must first be impregnated. To do this, it should be soaked in a glycerin solution with the addition of natural preservatives. For home impregnation, for example, the addition of citric acid is recommended.

Unfortunately, however, self-maintenance creates the risk of improper handling of moss, therefore a better solution is to buy ready-made moss. In this case, you can always be sure that you buy moss that has been harvested legally and properly preserved for the next several years.

Why is it worth being interested in moss decorations?

Are you thinking about diversifying your interior, but you are not convinced about real moss on the wall? Below, we present the most important advantages of reindeer moss, thanks to which you will probably change your mind.

  • This moss is an excellent absorber of dust and dirt, which is often abundant in apartments.
  • The plant has few maintenance requirements – just keep it out of the sun and not place it near any heat sources.
  • Are you bothered by noises from behind the wall? You can effectively mute them with reindeer moss. For the decoration to look effective, it is necessary to use up to several kilograms of moss per m2 of wall, therefore the effects may be surprising.
  • You can order reindeer moss in various colors, both natural and colored – blue, pink, purple and many others.
  • You can successfully create various color compositions or add effective illumination to the decoration – you will not be able to take your eyes off!
  • Do you have children at home? Moss is not dangerous for them, and neither is it for animals.
  • Reindeer moss is safe for allergy sufferers – what’s more, it can help people who are allergic to dust as it reduces the amount of dust in the air.
  • Moss does not require watering – its source of hydration is water taken from the air, so it can be an effective moisture meter.
    How to make decorations from reindeer moss?

Ready decorations, depending on e.g. from their size, can be quite expensive. Fortunately, however, many of them can be done by yourself, and you will find lots of great ideas and simple tutorials online. One of the easiest ways is to cover the wall with moss by glueing it to PVC panels with the use of floristic glue, and then fixing the panels to the wall with mounting glue or screws, depending on whether you want permanent or temporary decoration.

In most countries, reindeer moss is partially protected, therefore, if you want to get it without risking any unpleasantness, make sure you have a legal source.