Gift sets – how to compose them yourself?

Giving gifts is a way to express gratitude and appreciation. It also serves as a means of communication. Presents are usually given to the people we care about – life partners, friends, parents, and other close family members. Moreover, exchanging gifts is also popular among coworkers, especially if an important life event presents itself.

When do people usually give gifts?

People usually give gifts for such occasions as Christmas, birthdays and in some cultures name days, various anniversaries, and other special days, for instance Valentine’s Day. Handing presents is a way to commemorate someone’s success, which is why they often accompany graduations, work promotions, and retirement. It is also customary to give presents to the teachers at the end of a school year.

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What are some good gift ideas?

Good gift should be well-thought and chosen with a specific person in mind. It should suit their personality, as well as individual preferences and interests. Sometimes, however, it is really difficult to come up with a special present. In that situation it is best to use some of the universal gift ideas.

Gift voucher

Gift voucher is a great gift idea, because it gives the recipients a chance to choose for themselves. It is a simple, yet elegant solution that is appreciated by many.


Mugs are used by almost everybody. They can be appreciated both by coffee and tea drinkers. They are also not overly expensive and can be easily personalized to better suit the gift recipient.


Candles are very elegant and classy. They can be used by literally anyone both at home and at work.


Cosmetics are another great and universal gift. They are very useful and can be appreciated both by women and men.

Gift sets

Gift sets are a wonderful present, because they offer something for everyone. They are cost effective, and have an impressive presentation, which translates to an amazing unboxing experience.

How to compose a gift set?

Gift sets can get much better if we prepare them ourselves. What to take into account while composing a gift set? First and foremost, the interests and needs of the recipient. It is always best to pick items that are useful and can come in handy. Another thing to consider is a personal touch. Originality of thought is greatly appreciated, as it can express the feelings towards the recipient and make them feel more special. While composing a gift set, it is also important to remember about implementing an attractive packaging. It should suit the occasion and make the present appear more desirable. A cardboard gift box is a great packaging choice. It is extremely robust and is available in a vast variety of shapes and sizes. Gift boxes made of cardboard are also very aesthetically pleasing, as they can be decorated with hot stamping, soft touch foil, embossing or UV varnish. Their interior may also have a filling in the form of a foam insert, matching the shape of the content. Among gift boxes there are bottom-lid, magnet-closed, drawer, neck, tube, and other types of boxes available.

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Why is it worth composing a gift set yourself?

Composing a gift set yourself gives you the opportunity to customize the present and make it more suitable both for the receiver and the occasion. Personalized gifts have much more intimate character and allow a better expression of emotions.  Self-composed gift set are a great way to show originality. Moreover, they can perfectly match the person who is supposed to receive it, by referring to their interests, plans, and specific life events.