The advantages of using tube boxes for gifts

Gift giving is a form of art. While the gift itself is, without a doubt, the most important, the packaging also plays a significant role. That is why a person who wants to give a present to somebody close to heart often chooses to use a specially manufactured gift box. Some items call for tube boxes, which offer protection and can make the present more appealing. High quality tube boxes for gifts are very elegant and can be customized to better suit both the gifted item and the occasion.

What items will look great in tube gift boxes?

Tube gift boxes can be used for many different items. They are perfect for alcohol bottles, perfumes, expensive cosmetics, CBD oils, and watches. It is also in good taste to use them in order to give someone a diploma or a certificate. The tube gift boxes come in various colors and sizes, which is why they can fit the tone of every occasion – birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, various holidays, as well as milestone events. Due to the customization options they can be also personalized with a dedication or a special message for a person who receives the gift.

The advantages of tube gift boxes

The tube gift boxes have many advantages and can offer a lot of benefits. They are highly functional and have the ability to protect the gift. The tube boxes for gifts come in various sizes, are characterized by their great aesthetics, and are fully customizable.


The tube gift boxes are very functional. They are exceptionally comfortable to hold in hand, do not take up much space, and can form a coherent whole with the gift inside.

Gift protection

High-end tube boxes for gifts were created with the use of top-quality solid cardboard, which ensures their robustness and resilience to the external factors. Thanks to these characteristics, the tube boxes can protect the gift placed in them from the heat, humidity, and other types of damage.

Tube gift boxes

Large selection of sizes

The tube gift boxes are available in various sizes. The client can choose the box that best fits the dimensions of a gift.

Great aesthetics

The high quality tube gift boxes were created with a substantial attention to the details. They may be decorated with any given prints. The client can choose color, style, and the design of the tube box, to make it match the individual sense of aesthetic. To create the gift packaging appealing to the eye, it is possible to implement various types of refinement, such as:

  • soft touch foil, which gives the box a smooth, velvety appearance and stimulates the sense of touch to add elegance to the present,
  • embossing, which consists of pressing images, designs, and texts into the surface of the box, in order to create a raised silhouette of an artwork design,
  • hot stamping, which is a printing technique that uses hot dies to press a metallic print and foil onto the surface of a box,
  • UV varnish, which offers a high quality gloss hard finish that can give the tube gift box a modern, classy look and has the capability to bring the artwork designs to life.


The tube gift boxes are fully customizable. The clients can decide to use their own designs or select a project from the manufacturer’s catalog. Each tube box can be created with a veneer with either canvas or leather structure. The inside of the gift packaging can be also equipped with inserts made of foam, cardboard or carton.